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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Grandpass Muslim Prayer Centre Attacked, Armed Forces Deployed

Armed forces have been deployed in Grandpass after a well known masjid or Muslim prayer centrein the area was attacked a short while ago. Upto five people injured including two policemen so far, according to reports onsite.

Sihala Ravaya exchanging words with members of the Muslim community in Grandpass last week.
According to eyewitnesses about 10 Buddhist monks suspected to be from the Ravana Balaya group, allegedly attacked the mosque despite the police guard.
The area remains tense after a few houses were also attacked on the Swarna Chaitya road in Grandpass where the mosque is situated.
The attack took place soon after Maghrib or evening prayers, sources told Colombo Telegraph.
The Ravana Balaya group called for its relocation within one month.  Security forces personnel have now been stationed around the mosque to assist the police to keep calm

Thursday, November 1, 2012

flood effect in kahatowita, Attanagalla Oya over flow

Weather condition is normal, raining also rarely stop at the mement here . there are so many families displace from their home. People in some places have told us they have seen no sign of aid  government relief.


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ramdhan Eid Prayer at Kahatowita , Sri Lanka.

The Ramadhan Eid prayer which was organized by the Kahatowita Jamiu Tawheed Jumma Mosque was grantly celebrated at Kahatowita Al badriya college ground this morning at 7.15 AM. The Kahatowita is a hamlet in which around 700 families of which majority of muslims live. Following the prayer Eid address was held by the chief priest of the masjidh As-sheik Moulavi Masood Salafi. It was mentioned about the worst situation of muslims in the world particularly mentioning both Myanmar and Syria at present. It was mentioned that how muslims of these countries are controlled by the rulers of that particular countries and how their rights of thoughts and religious are rejected. Further he asked the muslims  of all over the world to invoke for the peace of the people of these countries.
Around 1200 people participated in the Eid prayer.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dambulla Masjid attacking when friday praying in Sri Lanka

ts 60 year old historical mosque in Dambulla area. mosque forced to abandon prayers by protesters

A mosque in Sri Lanka has been forced to abandon Friday prayers amid community tensions in the central town of Dambulla.

About 2,000 Buddhists, including monks, marched to the mosque and held a demonstration demanding its demolition.

A mosque official told the BBC he and several dozen companions were trapped inside and feared the crowd would destroy the building.

Overnight last friday the mosque had been targeted by a fire-bombing - no-one was hurt.

After the attacked

தம்புள்ளை பள்ளிவாசலை அகற்ற பிரதமர் உத்தரவு; 'வேறு இடத்தில் காணி வழங்கப்படும்'

Prime Minister orders to remove the mosque and provide a suitable alternative place
[Dambulla Incident Updates - Translation in brackets]
தம்புள்ளையிலுள்ள சர்ச்சைக்குரிய பள்ளிவாசலை அகற்றுமாறு புத்தசாசன மற்றும் சமய விவகார அமைச்சரும் பிரதமருமான டி.எம்.ஜயரட்ன இன்று ஞாயிற்றுக்கிழமை உத்தரவிட்டுள்ளார்.
[Prime Minister and Minister of Buddasasana & Religous affairs, D. M. Jayartne ordered to remove the controversial Mosque in Dambulla.]

வரலாற்று முக்கியத்துவம் வாய்ந்த ரங்;கிரி தம்புள்ள விகாரை புனித பிரதேசத்தில் இப்பள்ளிவாசல் அமைந்துள்ளமையினால் இப்பள்ளிவாசலை உடனடியாக அகற்றுமாறும் பிரதமர் உத்திரவிட்டுள்ளார்.
[Since this Mosque is located in the historical Rangiri Dambulla Vihara sacred area, the prime minister has ordered to relocate it immediately.]

அகற்றப்படும் பள்ளிவாசலுக்கு பதிலாக வேறு பொருத்தமான இடத்தில் இஸ்லாமியர்கள் சமய நடவடிக்கைகளை மேற்கொள்வதற்கு தேவையான உதவிகளை வழங்குமாறு அதிகாரிகளை பிரதமர் அறிவுறுத்தியதாக பிரதமர் அலுவலகம் விடுத்துள்ள அறிக்கையொன்றில் தெரிவிக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது. [A statement released by Prime Miniser's office says, the prime minister has instructed the authorities to provide a suitable alternative place and provide necessary support to carry out Islamic religious activities.]
கம்பளையில் இன்று நடைபெற்ற கலந்துரையாடலொன்றையடுத்து பிரதமர் இந்த அறிவுறுத்தல்களை வழங்கினார்.
[Prime Minister gave these instructions at a discussion held in Gampola today.]

இஸ்லாமிய சமய தலைவர்கள், சிரேஷ்ட அமைச்சர் ஏ.எச்.எம்.பௌஸி, மேல் மாகாண ஆளுநர் ர் அலவி மௌலானா, பிரதியமைச்சர்கள், அப்துல் காதர், ஏ.எல்.எம்.ஹிஸ்புல்லா ஆகியோரும் கலந்துகொண்டனர்.
[Muslim Religious leaders, senior minister A. H. M Fowzi, western province Governer Alavi Moulana, deputy ministers Abdul Cader and A.L.M. Hisbullah attended in this discussion.]

இக்கூட்டத்தில் மேலும் கருத்துத் தெரிவித்த பிரதமர் டி.எம்.ஜயரட்ண

"உலகின் அனைத்து முஸ்லிம் நாடுகளும் இலங்கையுடன் நட்புடன் உள்ள நிலையில் இத்தகைய சிறிய விடயங்களை அடிப்படையாகக் கொண்டு, இனங்கள், மதங்களிடையே அநாவசிய மோதல்களை ஏற்படுத்துவதற்கு அனுமதிக்க முடியாது" எனவும் பிரதமர் கூறியுள்ளதாக பிரதமர் அலுவலகம் தெரிவித்துள்ளது.
[Prime minister further said "At a time when all the Muslim countries are in good terms with Sri Lanka, we cannot allow conflicts to happen between ethnic and religious communities based on such minor incidences"]

இதேவேளை, ஸ்ரீலங்கா முஸ்லிம் காங்கிரஸின் தலைவரும் நீதி அமைச்சருமான ரவூப் ஹக்கீம் மற்றும் பிரதி அமைச்சர் எம்.ஏல்.ஏ.எம். ஹிஸ்புல்லா ஆகியோர் குறித்த பள்ளிவாசலுக்கு நேரடி விஜயம் மேற்கொண்டு விடயங்களை கேட்டறிந்து கொண்டார்.
[Meanwhile, Leader of Sri Lanka Muslim Congress and Justice Minister Rauff Hakeem and deputy minister A.L.M Hisbullah personally visited this Mosque and gathered relevant information.]

அத்துடன் காணி அமைச்சர் ஜனக பண்டார தென்கோண் மற்றும் தம்புள்ள பிரதேச செயலாளர் ஆகியோரை அமைச்சர் ஹக்கீம் சந்தித்து இது தொடர்பில் பேச்சு நடத்தியுள்ளார்.
Further, Minister Rauff Hakeem has met and discussed this matter with Minister of Land Janaka Bandara Tennakoon and divisional secretary of Dambulla.]

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sri Lanka floods toll hits 18

Weather conditions have forced Sri Lanka's president to abandon a visit to areas affected by severe flooding which has displaced nearly 200,000 people and killed 18 others.

Mahinida Rajapaksa had to cancel his helicopter trip from Polonnaruwa in the east to the badly affected coastal city of Batticaloa 120km (75 miles) away.

The downpour is continuing after two weeks of rain in the centre and east.

The floods have inundated farmland and destroyed rice fields.

Emergency The eastern cities of Ampara and Batticaloa have been worst affected by the deluge, which has left some stretches of railway line under nearly a metre of water.

Officials in Ampara say the rainfall there since Saturday has been the highest ever recorded in such a short time.

A number of big reservoirs have burst their banks, destroying paddy fields in a major rice-growing area.

People in some areas have told the BBC they have seen no sign of aid agencies or government relief, and that some people in makeshift camps have been missing out on meals.

Those displaced by the floods have squeezed into 800 camps that have sprung up in school premises, many of which are surrounded by water.

The air force has helped evacuate people and drop food supplies to some cut-off communities.

The government has made an emergency appeal for ordinary people's help in sending dry rations, mattresses and bottled water.

Clean water and food supplies have been sent by official and international agencies to the worst-hit areas.

But the deputy disaster management minister Duleep Wijesekara said some places, such as Mutur, have been difficult to reach.

"I boarded a high-speed navy boat to get there [to Mutur], but due to the huge waves we had to turn back after sailing for about 15km. After that we had to send food in by air," he added.

The floods bring a risk of disease, including the mosquito-borne dengue fever, which even in normal times is a severe problem in the country.

The health ministry and relief organisations are trying to supply hygiene kits and raise people's awareness of health hazards.

Entire communities have been cut off by the rising waters