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FAKE MIRACLE :: Flying Dome of Mosque in Nepal !

Please read whole article here which explain what happening in that fake miracle

FAKE MIRACLE :: Flying Dome of Mosque in Nepal !

Assalam Alaykum,
Praise be to Allah swt,
Today i'm going to discuss about this claimed miracle associated to Allah SWT.
Thanks to Allah Swt for helping me,indeed all praise be to Allah,without his help,i was not able to do any thing.
Through the Internet we often receive an email that talks about 'evidence of Allah's greatness or miracle of Islam' or 'miracles of Allah' without any proof, Usually, the news are in the form of a surprising: the form of images or natural events that are 'strange' or unusual that muslims believe on it…
but before we trust on such pictures or contents …i want to ask you
1. Have we ever inquired or questioned the authenticity of such images when you recieve in email,or see in facebook pages/ gallery?
2. Honestly, do we need to proof the truth of Islam or the greatness of Allah this way?
What ever im going to say here is result of my research done for the claimed Miracle know as Dome Flying Mosque in Nepal.


These days on internet there is a very popular video,saying Allah help in  Mosque in nepal or Flying dome of Mosque in Nepal some saying in Indonecia.



{My First View and Reason to do this}

I saw this video approx 1 yr before,but i ignored it…becoz it was not very popular,but today im exposing this becoz now this lie is spreading like a fire,among muslims,from desktop to mobile.Every where.
There are many Brother and Sisters who believes on this video.and they are busy in  sharing with others, without thinking twice What if this is FAKE?
They forgot that its unauthorized content,having no proof,
before sharing you must verify the info,if you are not doing,you will be held responsible in the court of Allah SWT for whatever you have said or done.
Unfortunately, many brother and sisters DO not care for this ,in order to save my brother and sisters from gaining bad deeds i'm exposing the facts of this claimed miracle! Since there is hadith which says
What ever i wish for my self,i must wish same for other brother and sisters,
I wish Jannah for my self,and want the same for others too…

My Belief on Miracles :

Please note that im fully aware of greatness of Allah Swt,i'm not here to challenge the power of ALLAH SWT .
I also know that when ever Allah swt want to do any thing,
He the most High just have to say "be" and It is….
The Originator of the heavens and the earth, Allah Almighty, When He decreeth a thing, He says unto it only: Be! and it is. Surah Al-baqarah : 117
There are many miracles,which generally peoples IGNORE.
Is not DNA a Miracle ?
Are the Sun and Moon not Miracles ?
Is not growth of Plant is Miracle..?
Is not DEATH is Miracle ?
IS not Firaun Dead Body is a Miracle ?
IS not Quran a Miracle ?
I truly and 100% beliefs in the Miracles of Allah SWT and His Greatness.
but i can't accept fake ,un authorised contents as his miracles .
here my motive is  to bring truth in front of you and stop brothers and sisters  for spreading wrong informations by which they are gaining sins with/without knowledge.

{ Different stories with this Video }

story 1
There was a new mosque or masjid in Malibu Island that was still under construction however had no crane to lift and transfer the dome from the old masjid to the new masjid.
So about 3000 alims gathered nearthe masjid to do zikirullah.
With ALLAH's help, the dome was lifted and trasferred by just their zikir.
It was also told that these alims had did fasting for 3 days and did qiyammulai for 3 nights prior to the dome lifting.

story 2

Incident took place in nepal where the local people were building a masjid. They were worried about the dome to be placed over the minaret as they dint had any crane facility so they decided to call for allah's help as they started to make dua and ask for help from allah the dome was placed on the minaret in a miraculous way. subhan allah

story 3

ALLAHU AKBAR! Yes it's miracle of "ALLAH". Happend in Nepal. Govt didnt allowed the crane for Mosque minar and said that `go and ask your ALLAH to help you.  Allah helps muslim by putting gunbad on menar without any support, since, non muslims dont allow muslims to use crane to lift gunbad, so the imam of mosque saw our beloved prophet pbuh in dream who told him just cover the gunbad with white bed sheet and then see.

story 4

It was in Ternate, Indonesia, and the dome was about to be placed on top of a mosquetower, suddenly it flew by itself and landed on top of the tower where it supposed to be placed. Subhanallah..

story 5

he attached video clip was received from a friend of mine.  This incident happened early this year (2008) in a remote Island of Malibu (Indonesia). Anew mosque was built in a village on that island of Malibu. Unfortunately the villagers do not have a Heavy Duty Crane to uplift the Dome from the old mosque to the newly built Mosque's Minaret.
About 3000 Imaams gathered in the mosque to perform Dhikirullah. With Allah's Rahmah, the Dome from the old mosque was lifted up to the new mosque's Minaret with the power of Dhikirullah.
According to the person who recorded this clip, all the Imaams have fasted for 3 days and did Qiamullayl and have pleaded for Allah s.w.t Mercy for this 3 days prior to performing the Dhikirullah and lifting the Dome.
It was reported that many of the people there became hysteria upon seeing this incident.
This event proves us the strength of one's Imaan, Dhikirullah and Taqwa. May Allah s.w.t strengthens our Imaan and be good Muslims. Ameen………!!!!!

story 6

{ this incident of dome is exactly 100 % true } { and more over this miracle had been seen by thousand's of muslim's andnon muslim's } { as the imaam of this mosque has not enough money for hanging this dome upside of the mosque well then collecting some money from some muslim brother's but it was not enough amount demanded by the christian constructor well they all went to the constructor and asked him to lift up the dome at the top of the mosque but they haven't that much amount as demanded they have some of them and they said please accept this amount and take it and continue your work .it's our request and then the christian constructor smiled and said '" ask from your allah and muhammad to lift up the dome " { and then they all went back to their homes .
The imam of this masjid was in a great tension and he went to sleep and in his dream's he saw the personalities of personalities { hazrat muhammad sal lal laa hu alaihee walee hee wassalaam }
{ and hazrat muhammad said to the imam of masjid " place the white cloth on the dome and the dome will lift it self at the top of the mosque "}

{ and at morning they all place the white cloth on the dome according to my muhammad sal lal hu alaihee wassallam said } and then the miracle's of miracle of my allah happened in front of thousand's of people the dome itself lift's up to it's place and the dome is placed right at the top of the mosque subhan allah }
{ allah u akbar}
{must watch,read and share it with your muslim brother's and sister's}
{ regard's muslim}
Interesting stories indeed,such stories that a muslim will believe it

from the very first day i didn;t believed on video and i knew that its Fake miracle,Alhamdulilah my guess and thoughts were right and with the help from Allah I'm going to present the truth in front of you.


{the mosque place}

If you see a glimpse of flight recordings dome mosque in Kailolo village in Central Maluku, 25 km from Ambon, was enough to make us wonder. Because the dome is supposedly preached that weighs thousands of pounds, can fly without the aid of floating devices floating around in space .

The News agency part from video proofs that its from Indonesia..not NEPAL. NEPAL PART IS LIE.

{the real story}

The dome is said to be floating, while it is lifted using the cable, pull cable to raise the dome of the mosque used since time immemorial without using a crane with a system of Pulleys.
The dome is moving to top like cable car movement.

{Why you can't see cable}

The Camera used for this capture was bad camera,not good resolution…this much bad that it cant show the wires on Electric pole.. see here

{How to Determine Cable?}

use math, angle, view angle every time the dome of the wind and you will be able to axis. If you see the panorama shows a white line along the lines indicated.
there is a subtle white wire with the clouds, so in our eyes, the wire is not visible becoz background is also white.

In areas that have been illuminated by it, there were three stretch of the rope that supported the dome.
In areas that have been illuminated by it, there were three stretch of the rope that supported the dome.

Here, more clearly visible. Second stretch of rope seen against the background of a contrasting tile house.

{Now watch the Cable on  TOP}

The cable is not clearly visible due to white background.but still some traces are there!


{ Supporting Cable}

In this Entire Process there are 3 Wires supporting this DOME MOVEMENT…:) look above pic…!
If not,then what is the use of there ropes/wires…? Indeed to pull the wire so that the dome go on top.

Conclusion :

In conclusion, the dome is not flying, but being pulled by a rope. Only the perception of society that makes the dome fly.
The Above Analysis proves that this all is done with the machines,using 3 wires to pull dome above which can be seen on the back of minarates.
If You think this analysis is wrong,please come forward with the proofs…
This Video is showing the movement of Dome,its being done by wires,the wires are not clearly visible due to bad camera and white back ground,in some parts the traces of wires are visible,which is shown in above pictures…
as you can see the wires which is very close to phone,is not visible in video.
This video is also not taken by the Trans 7 news Agency,becoz News Reporters can;t have such bad quality camera.
The Channel Trans 7 first time Aired this video,without any proof.
If the Incident is true,then why this news was not reported by Any other news agency,or in local newspapers ?

Advice to Muslim Brother and Sisters

Dear Brother and Sisters,
Please note that when ever you are sharing any content with your friends and family,then you must verify it ,Its True or False…I'm not saying these words,these are the commands of ALLAH SWT.
And do not follow (blindly) any information of which you have no (direct) knowledge. (Using your faculties of perception and conception, you must verify it for yourself. In the Court of your Lord,) you will be held accountable for your hearing, sight, and the faculty of reasoning." [Qu'ran 17:36]
On Internet there are many many lies,hoax,against Islam,we are trying very hard to clear all things,Then why you are sharing Un-Authorized contents with others.Lieing about Allah and Muhammad SAW will directly take you to hell.
so,please please please verify the content before sharing,Verses,Hadith,
Please help us to remove the fake things…and when ever you receive any thing claiming the MIRACLES OF ALLAH SWT OR MUHAMAMD SAW.
Put BIG Question mark on that miracle "?" becoz 90% images and videos spread on Internet is fake miracles…
If you can't verify it,then send it us,we will try our best to present the truth in front of you.
Now i think you must present the truth of dome flying to everyone,with whom you shared this lie… to erase the bad deeds which you gained without knowing the truth.
We don't need such kind of things to show the greatness and power of ALLAH SWT.
And Allah knows best!

JazakAllah khair for reading this ,
sharing is allowed with the proper source back link and without editing the Author name…
May Allah save us from all kind of Fitnah,
Written by
slave of ALLAH SWT!
Let us know,What you think,What you were thinking before and what you think now…


  1. SALAAM TO YOU.....

    Please visit this DERANA site whenever you get time and read comments specially against MUSLIMS .... This derana tv sometimes behave as RACIST trying to ban meat eating and Qurbaan Ritual of Islaam.
    .. you can too post helpful comments on the subject you read.. Just go through the comments for the sacrifing animal by Hindu tamils , by budhist racist in the below link...

    One easrernguy sends comments seem to be A MSULIM.. and there are many good sinhalese writes too... just spend time to write comments to educate .......
    MAY ALLAAH HELP YOU in all your efforts.....

  2. dear can u tell me have u visit that place n u asked from the people of that area about this .if not then first u visit there then wrote such report .u r imaging urself rope or wire in mail is

  3. hey if u watch this video there is a man ,,,,,if u see closely when they dome about to read at minaret , its stop for a while and then a man recieved it ,,and i m sure there are other men too who support to collect that dome with the help of crane....

  4. if there was a rope or wires helping lift the dome, why would there be so much people standing there shouting the "KALIMAH" and why would the spectators cry. just think about it, i think there were xternal powers.
    and i think you are jew, because jews study the deen and try to be muslims just to hurt muslims.
    A miracle is meant to build and strenthen your imaam, and you are here to reduce my imaam. i will share this with every muslim.
    my ALLAH give izza to muslims insha-ALLAH.

  5. Listen it is not the fault of this person because the quran says " that these people are deaf dumb and blind" the quran also says that we have put a SEAL on thier hearts" so it is not the brother fault, we can only prey that he's heart does not rust any more. when prophet Muhammad PBUH split the moon in half people still refused to believe, they still claimed that the prophet is a very powerful magician. the science of today has proved that the moon did infact split. but hey not everyone is going to heaven, the above brother has a vacancy to fill in hell. this is a true miracle of Prophet Muhammmad. PBUH. sallam

  6. How dare you say miracle of Allah (swt) is a fake. Allah (swt) dont do no fake miracles. Our brothers and sisters who have witnesses a miracle are blessed.

  7. Aoa, Dear Brothers and Sister , 1st of all Being a Muslim we must verify and then accept,verifying is not a sin,peoples who belives any
    thing blindly are always at lost.I appreciate this research and verification.
    Listen Brothers and sisters this is The age of Technology every one have camera on his Phone , Why there is no other video of this Called Mirical ? From any other angel .?
    we simple ppl accept such things blindly and Non-muslims who do research and knows fact ,did u ever think what image of islam come in their mind?? day and night is not a mirical? Human body is not a mirical?
    .... there are number of miricals which are not countable.
    these videos are produced to switch inocent muslims mind from reality to fakes
    May ALLAH Give us hidayat,and ability to distinguish between truth and false"Ameen
    Allah Knows Best

  8. just because this investigator provides considerable proof of this being fake does not make him a jew! There ARE visible cables, face it. Just because we lack miracles in this millennium does not mean we must believe in any said miracles. The people are reciting kalimah because the end of the construction of the masjid has come, that's very common in other countries too. And maybe the people are crying because they have longed for this masjid. Also, if this were a real miracle with more than enough proof, why isn't it being discussed on all the islamic channels and in Makkah and Madinah? There are others in the video with camera phones, why aren't their videos published on the net? Maybe because their videos show the cables clearer. We as Muslims mustn't be so naive and believe blindly. Allah's miracles would be full of evidence and would shake the world, not just a VGA camera quality video put on youtube.

  9. Your comments are very sensible. I don't validate the view expressed herein. But absolutely agree with you that the subject item is not a miracle at all. Please try your best to make Muslims sensible like you are. Such things happen among non-muslims but unfortunately, we started to replicate such fake miracles.

  10. whatever a miracle or not does that make u better muslim no, my dad yesterday told me there isi a video of dome flying on net and i said oh dad come on it must be fake and it doesnt even matter becuase in the end ur faith counts. just think does that make ur life any different will u become a better muslim or a person if this video is true or not. its a shame we have suck weak faith,its all satan plot to divert us from our real goal.the judgement day is near and we have to prepare ourself for that may ALLAH bless us all and give strength to have deep faith and think wisely

  11. if it is a crane, so why so much wind there?

  12. people dont use crane in wind?

  13. may allah bless all muslim bring our unity back(ameen)

  14. well if u say we cant see it cuz of a vga camera..i can say we see it becuz of photoshop :\

  15. This is interesting....its something to consider..
    I actully don't know what to believe...but really brothers/sisters whether dis "miracle" is real or not it shouldn't change our faith..
    V believe in Allah and his prophet regardless of dis miracle..
    After all der r so much other miracles such as the glorious quran...=)

  16. Salaam alekum

    I don't care if this video is fake or real all I know when I saw it is that there is death. No matter what the truth or lie is just think that one day you will die and have to face ALLAH SWT. My dad sayed it was real even though Ikept telling him it was fake because if this was TRUE then it would be all over the world and Islam would be more tan half the world's population, but it isn't. Don't give yourself false things. Keep your heart true and pure. I am trying to be a better Muslim myself. ^.^ When you see something that doen't have taht many supporting facts just remember that there is still ALLAH and you do not need any miracle to prove ALLAH is there.

  17. it iz a fake vedio in my veiw..

  18. thanks a lot for revealing the truth...

  19. It is a fake miracle video The speed of Dome flying was the same as a cable car of lifting something through cables. The most important fact is when Allah do something, Allah do it perfect. Watch the very last moments of video when the dome is about to be placed on top. It stuck with the something there and bent a lot just because the cable end point was not too high over the minarate. Please Don't believe it. If you just want to believe Allah or you just want to strengthen your believe on Allah just because of this video than i must say Allah don't want your believe. Thanks.

  20. For believing in Islam I don't need to depend on any fake clip video because I have my Quran the most wonderful miracle with me. And that is enough for me to believe Allah and Islam.

    People expecting the unity of Islam will be regain and etc for this fake clip video but forget Quran which they have, please remember the last speech of our prophet that when we will forget Quran we the muslims will be humiliated like anything and we are passing that time.

    So please hold the Quran firmly and don't believe those fake video.

  21. Allah Sab Ko Demaagh Ka Kaduu Istmaal Karnai Ki Tofeeq Atta Farmaeay

  22. Allah knows the best and HE is the most powerful, we dont need to argue about HIS power ! Lets stop arguement more arguement we r bringing in more humiliation on ISALM.If this incident happened how come it wasn't told the world instead of put it in you tube? Allahu Akbar , Allah is the ONLY GOD , we dont need to prove his POWER , its among us its all around us ......HIS kudraat , HIS creations !

  23. Fake video. no doubt at all !! I dont have any doubt about Allah's miracles but they are obviously not like this !
    Moreover, we muslims dont need anything like this to be good muslims & true muslims dont believe such things !

  24. well done, well done,, i am agree 101% that this video nothing but a fake miracle since first i have heard about that by some coworker then they got angry, but i haven't seen it course of no interest of that kind of fake miracles, then i heard again then again, then i found your article before seeing that video and i fell good to see that there are more ppl who think like me, and don't believe on any baseless miracles, what i believe is, a miracles could never be as funny as this video is.

    btw there are a lots of thing to say against this fake and funny clip but i know those will not believe without HedayatAllah, i pray my lard to Give them HEdayah, to face truth, go and research by them self, just not believe on the net, you cant see behind the screen, also one more advice from a brother that,,,,,,,,, please read quran in your own mother tongue other then believing 3000 so called Alims or ammams,

    Thank to the author of this article, man keep it up, and dont stop writhing against fake, May Allah Bless you

  25. Fuck u bhosri k galat comment dyta hy randi

  26. auu la la,, bohat zeyada hat gaye keya, lagta hay k your the one alims out of 3ooo, :D

  27. Hey Mr. King...

    why do u have chllenge in this regard....

    why r u freaked up????

  28. this is an islamic site soo..why is the 'F' word being used HERE????

  29. u guyz r so fuckd up... y do u believe in fake stuff like this. its utter bullshit and u all are living in 21st century so i don't think so u guyz have to believe such kind of nuisance... to be a gud muslim first of try to be a gud human... may god bless u all

  30. Good attempt brother... it have done by some Kaafir-Mushriks... Please Allah help us. Many years ago this type of fake miracle occurred at Ajmeer .. that may was a projection from satellite to misguide Muslims.
    Please DON'T support this kind of stuff... Its SHIRK..

  31. I do not agree with your investigation.
    1. If you use little common sense or technical sense to be more precise, to raise any object using a cable and a pully needs a pulley at a higher level than the place where the object ir required to be placed, so he path of the cable is your presentation is completely WRONG.
    2. Any heavy object when lifted by a cable, the cable tends to bend so the object doesnt travel is a staright line... you presentation is WRONG.
    3. All the other cable are very clearly visible agaist the cloud and the only cable which you say is not visible is the cable which is lifting the object ... rediculous. And surpisingly you are trying to convince that the cable is as white as clouds!!! Get into your senses dear. Again your proof is baseless. And your presentation is WRONG.
    I am not sure about the place of this happening but the point that i want to make is when you say not to advertise such miracle without knowing the facts, why did you make presentation without going to the place and talking to the people present there?? On what basis you claim this to be fake? You prove it with facts not with judgement because all the ALLAH's miracle is beyond the reach of human mind and this is why it is called miracle.
    May ALLAH show us all the right path. Ameen

  32. Dear,
    You are analyzing the whole thing may be by sitting in room furnished by furniture and your very own computer. Have you heard the sound of cry and scream of the men and women in the video?? How will you explain this? Thousands of people were there. If you closely monitor, you will find an army-person at the end of the video. My point is you yourself were not present there and if the dome was not flying itself or if it were just a simple engineering technique, then why should there be a vast number people to watch the event and why should people cry out of fear and joy??? Moreover, if it was pulled out by machine, then there should be some motor-type machines, which had to be controlled either one of the two ending points of the cable (you said white cable). But no sign of such thing in the video. 'White cable' that you have said, can you name a material so strong but white in color to pull out such a mighty and weighty dome to the top of the Minar??? I am not telling you that this Miracle is true. But I am suggesting to include other variables (people, cry, environment, gathering etc.)to come to a conclusion. Unless I am so sure to prove that this miracle is a fake one, I am going to believe that inshallah. Indeed Quran is the greatest of Allah (SWT) which will exist until the Day of Judgment. And indeed Allah (SWT) knows the best.

    Abdul Hai Bhuyan

  33. 100% Agreed with below given comments !!!
    Mr. Writer Answer the should feel the responsibility of whatever you have written... Rgds-Zaheer

    I do not agree with your investigation.
    1. If you use little common sense or technical sense to be more precise, to raise any object using a cable and a pully needs a pulley at a higher level than the place where the object ir required to be placed, so he path of the cable is your presentation is completely WRONG.
    2. Any heavy object when lifted by a cable, the cable tends to bend so the object doesnt travel is a staright line... you presentation is WRONG.
    3. All the other cable are very clearly visible agaist the cloud and the only cable which you say is not visible is the cable which is lifting the object ... rediculous. And surpisingly you are trying to convince that the cable is as white as clouds!!! Get into your senses dear. Again your proof is baseless. And your presentation is WRONG.
    I am not sure about the place of this happening but the point that i want to make is when you say not to advertise such miracle without knowing the facts, why did you make presentation without going to the place and talking to the people present there?? On what basis you claim this to be fake? You prove it with facts not with judgement because all the ALLAH's miracle is beyond the reach of human mind and this is why it is called miracle.
    May ALLAH show us all the right path. Ameen

  34. why did you make presentation without going to the place and talking to the people present there??

    Now, I am a clever man and would love to visit the palce where this 'miracle' took plac....but tell me Mr Muslim...which place do I go to?

    As you can see, there are three places where it was supposed to have taken place?
    Now surely even YOU can see the problem in believing such a farcical video!!!
    story 1
    There was a new mosque or masjid in Malibu Island that was still under construction however had no crane to lift and transfer the dome from the old masjid to the new masjid.

    story 3
    ALLAHU AKBAR! Yes it's miracle of "ALLAH". Happend in Nepal.

    story 4

    It was in Ternate, Indonesia,

  35. at the time of placing it to its position how its angle is changed to opposite direction?

  36. it was done by contraction ,
    They move it
    People cry 2 see it that
    there was doing a great work,
    this work was to hard,
    and had to risk to move it---------

  37. May Allah bless us all...we have to unite...
    Many people are behind Islam to harm...
    But this is the religion of Allah so they can't..
    This is our responsibility to protect our self....

  38. Regardless of other people's comments... i am really thankful to you for exposing it, because it has been really disturbing for me to see these fake miracles claiming to be true ones... they are not just giving non-muslims to point and laugh on us, but also affecting the credibility of our religion...
    And please ignore the comments of those who have labeled you a non-muslim or a jew, they dont understand what daamage they are doing to the credibility of Islam.

    May ALLAH SUBHANATALLAH show them the right way, Ameen

  39. Well people just think this way, what would happen to people who enters Islam an embrace it because of such videos and then finds out the truth about its authenticity would it make people disbelieve again in Islam .... the best way I believe is to embrace Islam logic thinking and many logical explanation which lead you to the truth believe in god is originated from your brain (in your heart) you can't believe your eyes it may leads you to several mistakes that manipulate the mind

  40. No matter whether the video is real or fake. The truth is Allah is the creator of the universe. Mohammad is the messenger of Allah. Our prophet is Mohammad (SM). So please don't argue or fight with each other.

    This video is not necessary to prove the existence of Allah. As a muslim, we all believe that Allah is the creator of the universe, we will be accountable for what we are doing in our life. Mohammad is the messenger of Allah. We also believe in Jesus (Isa) as he is prophet.

  41. i am from kathmandu, nepal and if something as big as this happens then it would not be missed by main stream media. sorry to dissapoint but the miracle didn't occur in nepal, if it did anyways.

  42. Is there any one here, who can tell me the place where this happened ?

  43. I think all peoples we have different opinions and quarreling each other, for our satisfaction that is important for know to real place ,who knows and ensure us where it happen? This is our nature we can quarrel each other wasting of our time we need someone from near of that Mosque, where’re sleeping those peoples who were there not conveying us true story?

  44. plz plz plz n plz what the hel has hapenend 2 all there comenting...we r comenting like as if we r not muslim brothers bt the enemies...the non muslims would get encouraged by such rifts among the muslim ummah.....instead what we shuld try 2 do is 2 try and sort out the isue calmly and logicaly without any evil comunication..

  45. hey wait a minute, do you really think that guy is a muslim, well if you do i don`t think so. and for your information a muslim is known to belief in Allah and not only that to belief in what can happen. Even though what people said about that dome was a lie you should accept the fact instead denying it.

    ma asalam

  46. People make stupied things to turn people from converting
    How about when it was written on the kids leg lah-ellah , Mohammed-ir hassul Allah.
    Tell me that's fake too? Stupied people with stupid inventions

  47. Simple fellas, the video isnt a fake, its just a video, its the stories made up by people that gave it a "miracle" status.

    And those people who keep saying Nepal and what nots, Please look at the video. there are SO MANY INDONESIAN FLAGS AROUND!!!

  48. Salam.
    (Allah Knows Better....)
    Allah has not given equal brain to everyone and as for this reason he has several time mentioned in his paak "Quran" that to understand the meaning of it, is not for everyone .. AKALMANDO ke liye hai..which he has stated in most of the surah.

    Allah forgive me if i am wrong.....
    Now as per my opinion after seeing the video..I think people of that particular place is simply doing their task with a very well knowing that the "DOME" is been shifted with the help of pulley so we should not say that it is a false video but who ever has presented the video in such a way that people may assume that something miracle has happened that the "Dome" is shifted from one place to another without support ...absolutely No!!

    And the reason people are shouting & crying their because the task which are being at process is a task of non-other than our almighty,aalim... "ALLAH".So obvious that even a single brick is placed to built a masjid we read kalma..Allah Hu Akbar, Shout with joy and many more things so that our Allah be with us and have a bit of mercy on us (True Muslims)

    One more thing i would like to add that people who still worship idols...Please open your eyes like a owl and don't behave like a fools or is Allah who created the entire universe and if required a true guide to understand what is right or wrong then i suggest you to please follow a book which has been revealed that is "QURAN"


  49. i think we should all leave it on Allah he knows the best need not to comment on it .May Allah show all of us right path to move on.(Ameen)

  50. hi i am from indonesia. it is very real. people around the MAluku island very poor, they cant belong expensive crane to lift their heavy cubah.
    In maluku island, there is also flying bamboo dance.
    bamboo flyies it self.

  51. nepal ki gand maro thik se aur janab logo ki biwi ki chut maro

  52. no one no about truth what is real...but i believe only natural...becouse i see my self,front of my eyes. all are natural things u & me other animals plants iron wood etc also create universe & far of place we are exist this is our destiny its a great mystery on the earth we cant change our destiny.. this system islam & hindu other people create own self like topi.,doti, this all are set fuck of that

  53. broTheR u re very wrong........becauze i know that this inciDeNt was very very real........i also have some proofs and pleaze dont fool anyone becauze we also have a brain like you .......i know that this is a bad quality camera but this line is neglible which may be the fault of camera .......and in the end my bro i again want to say....THAT DONT FOOL ANYONE

  54. For believers it is a miracle!

    For people who are not convinced can accept whatever their mind makes them believe.

    But there is no doubt that miracle happen due to a reason, that cannot be justified in any way possible.

    There is miracle of Abe Zam Zam , and resurrection of Hazrat Essa (A.S) will be one too and there are so many that do not require justification.

    Nevertheless miracles are will of Allah so we are not the ones to judge them for any reason.

  55. Who ever says this is fake is a kaafir and deserved to be put to death. This is indeed a true miracle of Allah(SWT) but only some people have thier hearts open. Allahu Akbar. Takbeer. Allahu Akbar. Takbeer Akkahu Akbar.

    The jew dog who made this website, may you rot in hell for ever and ever. Ameen ameen thumma ameen.

  56. Wallahi watallahi wabillahi this is one of the many miracles of Islam. just go to youtube you will find there are plenty of miracles like Lion calling Allah;s name, Russian boy with Quran written on his skin, etc. If you dont want to believe dont believe but you have no right to say that these are fake miracle. We muslims do not fake miracles. Our imaan is strong and we dont need to manufacture these miracles. But Allah and created these miracles for us to remember him becos we are ignoring him thats why.

    Allahu Akbar.

  57. I think this guy is either Jew or nonmuslim. I strongly believe that this miracle is absolutely Jenuine. If this was fake then why so manay people gathered. Construction goes on every day every where but people do'tn get time to watch this. Please brother do not misguide people, if your heart is sealed then do'nt try and change other people's view on this. This is not a fake miracle. Go and ask for forgiveness for yourself, as I am worried that you might get punished here and hereafter by Allah. You are presuming everything. You mentioned rops . These rops are used for general construciton purposes. You are Satan.